Why Should I Choose Aeration?

How does aerating my lawn save water?

Aerating will make what water you do apply go much farther. Instead of running off or only penetrating a few inches, water is better absorbed when the lawns have been aerated.

Each year, up to 80% of lawn roots die back, and the grass tries to grow new roots. If your soil is compacted, these new roots can’t force their way into compacted soil, and then grow shallow and hair-like, making more thatch and requiring a lot more water.

Aerating makes lawns more drought-resistant, saving water and increasing your lawn’s ability to store water. Lawns are healthier when they are aerated regularly. Lawns that have deeper roots require less water. In clay soil, aeration is not an option; it’s a necessity.

before lawn aeration

Look at the pictures above that show a cross section of a lawn. The first picture shows what happens when you don’t aerate. Once aeration has been done, note how much deeper the roots are.

lawn aeration plug comparison

The picture above shows what a lawn’s roots should look like. Deeper roots mean better drought resistance. It also means you can water less.

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