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Free Advice

We’ll give you free expert advice about your lawns, whether you’re a customer or not. You need our expert advice about what to do when your lawn is doing poorly. Depending on what’s going on with your lawn, we may tell you that aerating is not appropriate, or we may suggest alternate remedies such as a pesticide, but only if it’s necessary to solve your lawn’s problem.

Fairway is a “green” company, which means we don’t use poisons or chemicals when we aerate your lawn, but we do know that sometimes lawns need weed killers or insecticide. Rather than have our workers apply these chemicals, possibly exposing themselves and the environment, we believe that judicious, limited pesticides should be used sparingly.

If you choose to apply a weed killer or any other pesticide, we suggest you call Fairway first. We’ll tell you which treatments are effective and help you understand the procedure so you’ll get the best results. When you see brown spots, or strange weeds or grasses, we can help.


Questions about your lawns? Request a Free Quote!

Call Fairway at 1-800-497-4075 or Contact Us for free advice. Attach an image of your issue and we will be happy to help! We'll give you free expert advice about your lawns, whether you're a customer or not.

Call Fairway Lawn Service to have your lawns aerated, have Moisture Manager applied to your lawn or yard or request a FREE QUOTE.