Red Sorrel

Red sorrel is a persistent perennial weed that should be eradicated promptly because it spreads throughout the lawn area quickly. The ...Read more

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Wild Violets

These plants are the worst to try to pull because even the smallest root will propagate and make new plants. The ...Read more

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Mouse Ear Chickweed

This weed has several variations, “mouse ear” and “common.” They are similar to all broad-leaved weeds in that they are controlled ...Read more

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Ground Ivy

Ground ivy looks like giant mallow except that it has lobed leaves instead of serrated leaves. It has stubborn runners that ...Read more

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Black Medic

This weed looks like clover but it isn’t related. It was used as a medicinal treatment in ancient times and was ...Read more

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Don’t confuse this weed with clover – it’s MUCH smaller and has tiny yellow flowers. A relative of woodsorrel, oxalis is ...Read more

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Spurge is a perennial plant that leaks a milky fluid when broken. There are several types of spurge including spotted spurge, ...Read more

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Mallow (pennywort)

Mallow is a perennial plant that resembles ground ivy. It spreads from a central root and can be successfully pulled out ...Read more

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White Clover

Clovers are broad-leaved weeds that are of the legume family. They produce their own nitrogen and are usually very green. Clover ...Read more

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Would you eat this weed? Many people do (dandelion greens) but they really don’t belong in a lawn! Dandelions are biennial ...Read more

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