Bent Grass

Some people get bentgrass in their lawns and it looks like the image to the left. If the lawn is 100% bentgrass, there’s no problem, but when it invades a fescue or bluegrass lawn, it contrasts badly due to its fine texture and a different shade of green. Bentgrass is the grass used on putting greens, and is much more difficult to grow because it creates thatch and is susceptible to insects and fungus.

Bentgrass seeds are tiny and usually arrive with the wind or in bird droppings. Seeds will form but not unless it is allowed to grow very tall (over 1 foot). It is a perennial grass.

Control: Very difficult to eradicate, digging it out won’t work, no selective weed killer is known. However, some suppression and control can be had using Turflon weed killer. Turflon has a damaging effect on bentgrass but requires repeated applications.

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